Saturday, March 8, 2008


There have been times in my life when I feel overwhelmed with creativity, information and a hunger for more. Maybe you have been there when its like you have been staring at the same flower for years, yet you are seeing it for the first time. Thats the way I feel right now. My study is deeper, reading more concentrated, ideas come in swarms, creativity is bursting from every thought; so what will I do with all of this? Will it change anything?

I have to answer almost immediately, yes, it will change everything. But what does that mean?

Last night I picked up a journal that I started in 2005. In it I was writing about God's will. I wrote, "The realization of God's will comes through obedience not observation." It is through action not stagnation that things change. It is through participation in the Divine plan that revelation occurs and nothing is the same ever again. During this time of "Overflow" I have been more active in telling people about it. I have been living the ideas and making adjustments to apply the creative thoughts. I feel a sense of divine necessity to speak, act and learn. I want the overflow to help fill others and not just fall to the ground. I believe God is doing something in me right now that will draw many into His Kingdom and encourage many more to persevere. I pray that God will continue to overflow my life with Him so others will be encouraged and transformed. That is why, I believe, I was made.

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