Sunday, December 4, 2011

Snow in the Mountains

Here are 10, no wait, 11 things that I have learned and love about mountain snow. It's not the miserable midwestern or southern mess that probably comes to most of my friend's minds. If you don't believe me come and visit for a week this winter!

1. It's not that people don't know how to drive in snow at sea level. It's just that it is impossible to drive on ice. Snow is very manageable in the mountains.

2. The roads are clear within hours of the snowfall finishing. And by clear, I mean dry!

3. There is practically no slush as the midwest knows it.

4. We can ski on this snow!

5. Snow ice cream once a week:)

6. You know those brushes on some ice scrapers? I understand why they are there now. You can literally clean all of the snow off your car with those, no ice layers!!!

7. We clear snow with plows here. No more shovels for the driveway!

8. No need to shovel the deck. We can sweep this powder!

9. There is a clear difference in the cold here. It does not feel like your skin is going to break off and bones shatter. It is just simply cold, no side affects.

10. The mountains are beautiful covered in a white blanket!

11. The deep blue sky the day after a snowfall. It is amazing. It should be on all bucket lists to see.

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