Friday, September 4, 2009

I Want More Energy!!!

Three of the last four years I have participated in the Lake St Louis Triathlon, and this year’s race was the best yet thanks to my new healthy energy supplement. I shaved almost five minutes off of my time and finished third in my age group in the sprint event with less training and only one change in my diet, FRS Healthy Energy. I do attribute much of the success gained this year to mental training, but with much less physical preparation the thing that kept me pushing hard throughout the race was FRS.

I began seeing ads for FRS on all of the triathlon sites last year with a big endorsement from Lance Armstrong it was intriguing, but getting so close to my Ironman event I didn’t want to change anything up in my diet. In the past I have had trouble with leg cramps on long events, but with a few adjustments to my caloric intake along with a few nutrition supplements they have been almost completely eliminated. Here are the things that have helped me and where I buy them.

The first thing I needed to do was balance my carbohydrate/protein ratio. This along with a good multivitamin gave me the biggest boost of energy I’ve ever had during my daily routine. The way I balanced the carbohydrate/protein ratio initially was through Myoplex Lite nutrition shakes. My training partner, Colin, introduced me to this through a program called “Body for Life.” I took these shakes after exercise and between meals, once mid-morning and once mid-afternoon, which increased my total meals for the day to five. This mostly eliminated the afternoon low energy that many people experience regularly. The best price I have found on Myoplex is at Target. You can get a four pack of premixed French vanilla or chocolate shakes for around 6.99. Inside many of the four packs is a coupon for 1.50 off the next purchase.

The second game changing supplement I started to use was Endurox R4 recovery drink. I found that after long training sessions, especially when I was increasing distance, I would get a little sore, but with an Endurox shake immediately after the workout I experienced little to no soreness. I was also able to take fewer days off after a long run or ride. Endurox R4 is good if you are training for a marathon or something where you are increasing your distances on a weekly basis. It is priced about the same wherever you can find it, GNC is as good as any. One other thing that had helped during training are Endurolytes electrolyte supplements by Hammer Nutrition. During a long run or ride I can feel within minutes my eyes brighten and gain more focus when I take them.

These things along with a “Now” multivitamin for men, 100mg of CoQ10 and “Irwin Naturals” Ginza-Plus daily carried to a successful 12:09:45 Ironman in November of 2008.

Fast forward to July of 2009 and I decided it was time to try the FRS I had seen advertised. I went to the website and found an offer for a free trial, so I ordered. There are several video testimonials on the FRS website, and they make this stuff sound amazing. Here is what I experienced.

The most noticeable thing that happened immediately was that my eyes brightened and I could focus on my work throughout the morning and afternoon. There was no real “energy” boost, just a sustained clarity. FRS claims that their formula of B vitamins and Quercetin gives the energy for more intense workouts and sustained energy throughout the day with no crash. The increased intensity is probably the clarity that I have experienced. I use the drink and chews and they seem to work. The flavor of the drink is similar to Tang and the chews are a little sour but I like sour. The results are clear with the clarity and focus at work and sustaining the intensity of my workouts it has been well worth the price of shipping to try it and I am now continuing my regular shipment once a month. I am hoping to qualify for the Boston marathon soon, so I will keep you posted on how FRS helps with the training and racing. Another side note, one of my questions when starting FRS was, would it keep me awake at night? I have had no trouble getting to sleep since I have been using FRS.

In conclusion, the combination of all the above supplements, a balanced diet and regular exercise raised my level of energy, health and focus for life. I took Lance Armstrong’s endorsement and I give this Lance’s endorsement as well. Wish I could say that I was a seven time Tour de France winner, but at least most of you who read this know me personally. Please post comments and any questions you may have. Thanks for reading!


Melanie said...

Great blog... are you going to give us a link to the supplement company?

AMK said...

Aside from taking energy supplements, our body should be replenish with plenty of water in order to survive the daily fatigue.