Friday, September 25, 2009

Ways I Don't Want to Die

Have you ever thought about ways you don't want to die? We WILL all die, and I have come to the conclusion that everything we do in life is a risk. One wrong move by us or someone else and life could be over in an instant. Then there are some things that are just accidents and just plain dumb luck. When I was out running the other day, my mind started to wander as it tends to do over the course of 11 miles or so. I was running next to a golf course with a par 3 hole just off of the road I was on when I thought, "One shanked line drive to the right, and I am a dead man. That's not the way I want to go." There are things that could happen that I would die content but death by a shanked golf ball is not one of them. Then I kept going with the list and posted it to facebook. Read, enjoy a good laugh and add one of your own as a comment.

#1 weekend fair amusement park rides.

#2 in a donut shop with local Law Enforcement!
-Douglas Johnson

#3 getting hit in the back of the head by a bad golf shot while running next to a golf course.

#4 Trying to repair a leak in a toilet tank - or - anything to do with a toilet!
-Douglas Johnson

#5 eatin alive
-Jon Kniss

#6 From loss of blood violating the first rule of garbage disposal repair (inserting your hand into the drain).
-Melissa Moody

#7 Being trampled to death at Walmart on black Friday
-Brandy Pecor

#8 death by my ex wife!
-Jon Kniss

#9 Buried alive.
-Kim Quin

#10 Hand propping a plane.
-Scott Woodliff

#11 Food poisoning after enjoying a really delicious meal that included an appetizer, salad, entree, and dessert. How often do we get these kinds of meals anyhow??!
-Thuy Witt

#12 A plastic surgery snafu.
-Ryan Witt

#13 blinded by cameras flashing on Christmas morning then falling down the steps and breaking my neck before I opened that big diamond I'd been waiting my whole life for
-Molly Byrd

#14 stabbed in the heart by a competitive fondue eater.
-Diane Harrison

#15 Falling from a really high place, and hitting the ground...splat
-Maria Schafer

#16 Blow drying my hair in the shower.
-Kim Quin

Reply: Kim if your drying youir hair in the shower you desevre it ! lol-Jon Kniss

#17 Disentary
-Jon Kniss

#18 Bike wreck
-Jon Kniss

#19 not dieing till you hear your wife say I TOLD YOU SO !!!
-Jon Kniss

#20 random drive by shooting.

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beth♥ said...

Funny stuff. I followed some of it on FB, but #14 had me snorting w/ laughter. =)