Monday, September 26, 2011

New Title and New Direction

Maybe you saw a few months back that I resolved to write. Well, today is the day I will jump back in the game here. I am writing another blog for church which is largely based around my study for sermons, but here is where I will lay my life out more experiencially and emotionally rather than expositionally. My resolution to write came as I read the resolutions of Jonathon Edwards. The reason I feel the need to write is mostly for my kids and family. What a great way to vomit existential information that they may never experience with me, or it could be a great way to track memories of a journey shared. These entries will be wayoints in my journey, just as they have been thus far. They are not a final answer or declaration of what is as the previous title, iManifesto, suggested, but they are just check points along the way where anyone who reads this can see the real me. I might unpack the past or dream about the future. I may brag about some accomplishment or whine for a while. But all in all I hope my kids will come away with something they can use to understand me, remember me, and understand themselves (since the apple doesn't fall far from the tree). And maybe you can be entertained by a guy who is stumbling through the dark as he follows the Light.

Oh and the new name is a reach back for me as I was a church planter of WayPoint Church in O'Fallon, MO for five years. The name was meaningful then and it is still meaningful now to me and hopefully to all who experienced the church. Until the next check in....

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