Friday, November 25, 2011

Clarifying the Win: Thanksgiving

We all have things that need to happen for a fulfilling experience at almost anything, but rarely do we clarify what those things are. For the last several years for Thanksgiving we have hosted people at our home who did not have family in town nor were they traveling. With that scenario the win is accomplished every time almost by accident. This year we were invited to someone's home for the big feast. So, I had to really consider what the win would be. Do I have to watch football? Do I have to have turkey? What are the ingredients to a successful Thanksgiving?

I will assume that the day is spent with family in some way. That is an essential. It's not always with extended family, but it has always, ever since I can remember, involved family. So that is a given. I found out yesterday that football is not essential. But there were some menu items that can not be avoided for the proper celebration of Thanksgiving in my mind. Here are some of the items:

1. Pumpkin Pie: I love pumpkin pie with spray whipped cream. It has to be there!

2. Sweet Potato Casserole: This is not the marshmallow topped atrocity. It is the one with a double topping of crushed pecans, brown sugar, and butter. Lots of butter! Yes this is a southern dish, and corners can not be cut to make it more "healthy."

3. Canned Cranberry Sauce: It was on the table every Thanksgiving I can remember growing up, which makes necessary.

4. Sauerkraut: Now this one takes some explaining. Melanie's grandmother always had this on the table, and one year as we were engaged in our gluttonous feast, the question was asked. "Why do we always have sauerkraut?" To which she replied without any hesitation, "Because it makes you sexy!" If it wasn't officially established before then, that comment made it a requirement.

Well, those are the wins for our family. We may develop more over the years and, Tyler and Megan, you will probably have your own. Tell me when you have one of your own. If you know what they are, you can prevent, at least some, disappointment with the holiday.

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Denise said...

Well now I'm just feeling bad that we did not provide the necessary sauerkraut the year your family joined ours for Thanksgiving dinner. I could never have guessed that one! I am greatly enjoying your posts, and please forgive my grave oversight :-)